Julie Santarossa, LLB


Questions & Answers

First Meeting

What Should I Bring with Me?

It is important for you to bring the following to our first meeting:

  • Identification (driver's licence, passport or health card)
  • Release papers such as a Promise to Appear or a Summons with your Court date
  • A legal aid certificate (if you have one)
What Will We Talk About?

We can help you understand as your case progresses through the criminal court process and I will be able to answer your questions about the charges you face.

What Does the First Meeting Cost?

Nothing.  It is important during the first meeting that we both get a chance to meet and learn about your case before you decide on the proper lawyer to represent you.  


What Form of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept cash, cheque, or legal aid certificates. 

Do you Accept Legal Aid?

Yes we take legal aid certificates.

Do I Qualify for Legal Aid?

You may qualify for legal aid.  For more details on this program please visit the legal aid website.

Court Dates

What Happens on My First Court Date?

Your first Court date is not your trial. It is the start of the trial process and administrative in nature. You are required to be present otherwise a warrant will be issued for your arrest.

How Early Should I Arrive?

You should arrive at least 20 minutes before your court apperance.

Where are the Courts Located?

The Ontario Court of Justice is located at 200 Chatham St. in Windsor, Ontario. Our office is located just 1 block from the court house.

The Superior Court of Justice is located 245 Windsor Ave in Windsor, Ontario. It is across the street from the Ontario Court of Justice.

There is parking available on the street and in parking structures nearby.

When Will My Trial Be?

This is a difficult question. Trial dates are set by the courts. Based on court availability the time can range. I will be in contact with you regularly letting you know well in advance when you will need to appear.

Custody and Bail

If I Know Someone In Custody How Can I Help?

If someone you know is in custody you can contact our office and we can begin to work on their release. We will visit them in jail and get the process started on thier release as soon as possible.

How Can I Get Bail?

Once our office has been contacted we can talk to the prosecutor to negoiate a consent release. If bail is required you will need to have a bail hearing where we will advocate for your release.

What is a Bail Surety?

The court may ask for some assurance that you will appear at your trial and follow your conditions of bail. One of these methods is to require a surety. A surety is a third party who is willing to supervise you in the community and ensure that all bail conditions are met and court dates are attended. A surety may be obligated to pay a specified amount if these conditions are not met

Still Have Questions?


We cannot provide legal advice over e-mail. If you need legal adivce please contact our office for an appointment.